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    What is Canvas?

    Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) used by West-MEC, providing a centralized platform for teachers to deliver assignments and content to students. This system offers a unified access point for all digital content, although its classroom use may vary across grade levels and schools.

    Parents can log in to Canvas as observers, allowing them to view assignments, events, and course interactions. They have access to most of the same content as their child, unless it is unpublished or restricted by locked dates. Additionally, parents can view teacher-created instructions associated with assignments. To set up an observer account, follow the steps HERE

    Canvas offers various features, including communication tools for discussions and updates, multiple options for content and assignments, integration with external resources and apps, and functionality on a variety of devices. It enables students to connect with digital resources, collaborate virtually, and may display a running course grade based on work collected and scored within Canvas. However, it's important to note that West-MEC's official record of grades is maintained in FOCUS.

    For any questions about Canvas, parents are encouraged to reach out to their child's classroom teacher.