Welcome to Aurora, the district’s 5-year strategic plan. Aurora is the name of the light created by Earth’s magnetic field close to the north and south poles. The lights are one of the most beautiful sites on Earth, inspiring travelers from all over the world to see them firsthand. As a name for West-MEC’s strategic plan, Aurora is the light that employees bring to our community. We see the contribution of employees and teams as lights that shine bright to create a collective Aurora of beauty that impacts students and our community.







    Across the next five years, we have 14 bridging strategies, which ultimately bridge us towards an enhanced future state of West-MEC. Each year West-MEC will focus on two or three bridging strategies. All parts of the organization will coordinate plans to collectively collaborate (shine their light).

    Our 14 bridging strategies are grouped into two primary groups:

    1. Learner Engagement – How do we meaningfully engage learners before, during, and after completion?

    2. Stakeholder Engagement – How do we meaningfully engage students, parents, businesses, government, and the community in our vision/mission?