There’s Nothing Better Than a Friend

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A fun Salt River tubing trip between friends turned into a nightmare, after a cliff jumping accident left Ryder Allan with a broken tibia in his left leg and multiple fractures in his right shin.

Unbeknownst to Allan, the point of the cliff he chose to jump from was above a shallow part of the river. As he plunged in, his friends immediately knew something was terribly wrong. Thankfully for Allan and the rest of the group, Morgan Bosley, a West-MEC dental assisting student, was a part of the group.

"I was scared, It felt like a movie. I was like there is no way this could be happening right now,” said Morgan in an interview with ABC 15.

Despite being scared and in disbelief, Bosley was able to think quickly on her feet to help Allan. She used some of the skills she learned in the ‘Stop the Bleed’ training offered at West-MEC, by the National Guard, to help Allan after his accident left him badly injured. 

“I was with a group of about 10-15 people, and we were out tubing. A few people decided to cliff jump and Ryder landed wrong,” said Bosley. “One of the others who jumped was a trained lifeguard and he pulled Ryder out to safety.”  

Bosley swung into action, applying her tourniquet and dressing the wounds on Allan’s legs. Without the swift help of his friends and Bosley’s training, Allan’s injuries could have been much worse, but thanks to Bosley and her friends, Allan reached the hospital safely. Now, he is on the road to complete recovery.

When Sgt. Jesus Barazza from the National Gaurd heard about Morgan’s brave deed, he presented her with a recognition award for her service to a friend.  

“Knowing a little bit of how to stop the bleed, really can save someone's life,” said Barraza in an interview with ABC 15.

Bosley thought she was going to have a fun tubing day, but ended up saving her friend's life. Thankfully, she was prepared and ready to act when it came time for her to save the day.

“I am thankful I had the knowledge needed to help a friend in need,” said Bosley. “My education at West-MEC has been extremely rewarding.”