The Cloud Technology Program allows students to delve into cloud computing by understanding its concepts comprehensively, emphasizing the significance of cloud literacy in today's IT landscape.

    This program focuses on establishing a foundational knowledge of AWS Cloud, including its services and terminology. Participants will acquire the technical skills required to secure cloud-based infrastructure services and comprehend their role within larger IT systems.

    The program stands out as the sole performance-based cloud certification, ensuring a practical approach to learning. Engage in interactive learning sessions featuring hands-on exercises covering AWS Cloud Practitioner basics and simulated scenarios tailored for the performance-based certification of CompTIA Cloud+.

    During the program, accommodations and modifications are provided to high school students based on the IEP/504, which assures students with disabilities access to special education, personalized services (based on disability), and protection from discrimination.

    After completing the one-year program, successful candidates will be prepared to seek one or more certifications, including CompTIA (ITF+), CompTIA (Network+), CompTIA (Cloud+), and AWS Cloud Practitioner.


    Upon completion, students are prepared for entry-level employment, further training, and post-secondary education in occupations such as Cloud Support Associates who provide technical assistance, Cloud Administrators responsible for managing infrastructure, and Cloud Service Specialists involved in deploying and maintaining cloud services. Junior Cloud Developers focus on creating cloud-based applications, while Cloud Operations Analysts monitor and ensure the efficiency of cloud systems. Junior roles in sales, such as Cloud Sales Representatives, require a blend of technical knowledge and sales skills. IT Support Specialists can transition to cloud support, and DevOps Assistants collaborate on integrating applications in cloud environments. Junior Cloud Security Analysts contribute to implementing security measures, and Cloud QA Testers ensure the quality of applications hosted in the cloud.