The Automation and Robotic Systems program equips students with the fundamental engineering principles and technical skills necessary for managing industrial automation control systems and technologies, mainly focusing on integrating artificial intelligence in the control of machines within manufacturing processes.

    The program covers various topics, including robotics principles, design, testing, maintenance, repair procedures, and control languages. Students gain expertise in various system types, such as mechanical applications, hydraulics, pneumatics, quality inspection, troubleshooting, installations, and repair of robotic systems.

    The program aims to familiarize students with the roles and capabilities of robotics and automation technologies, emphasizing skills in management information systems, production planning, documentation, preventive maintenance, technical problem-solving, and quality control.

    During the program, accommodations and modifications are provided to high school students based on the IEP/504, which assures students with disabilities access to special education, personalized services (based on disability), and protection from discrimination.

    After completing the one-year program, successful candidates will be prepared to seek one or more certifications in Mechatronics, Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA) Certified Industry Associate Level 1, Google Data Analytics Certificate, Machining Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) - Certified Production Technician (CPT), and/or OSHA-10 General.



    Upon completion, students are prepared for entry-level employment, further training, and post-secondary education in occupations such as Electro-Mechanical Technician, Robotics Technician, Control panel builder, Mechatronics Technician, and QA Automation tester.