The Medium/Heavy Diesel Technology program teaches students the maintenance and repair of diesel systems found in medium-heavy equipment like trucks, buses, cranes, tractors, and more. Students will use computers to troubleshoot and diagnose electrical systems, brakes, suspension, steering, and hydraulics using Snap-on Tools technology and equipment.

    During the program, accommodations and modifications are provided to high school students based on the IEP/504. In addition, Dual enrollment is available for eligible high school students. They can earn college credit through the program and transfer these credits to a community college or university, towards a specific degree.

    After completion of the two-year program, successful candidates will be prepared to seek certifications like the ASE Entry Level Certification. Moreover, West-MEC offers industry credential tests at no additional cost. Through the program and certification, students are provided a pathway to economic independence.


    Careers that a student could pursue after receiving their certification(s) are: Fleet maintenance technician, diesel technician, diesel engine specialist, general maintenance technician, service writer, equipment/engine sales, parts management*

    Some technicians specialize in certain vehicles but all of them look into maintenance and repair while ensuring that vehicles meet safety regulations.