This two-year program will teach students how to deliver medical care to domestic, exotic and large animals, i.e. cats, dogs, reptiles, birds. Students will have the opportunity to assist a certified veterinary technician and/ or veterinarian in surgery, run laboratory tests, obtain animal vitals, and provide daily care and enrichment to the animals up for adoption. This program prepares students to be a vital part of the veterinary team working together to save animals lives.

    Apart from the core-curriculum, learners are trained for the job-seeking process through externships and resume building workshops. During the program, accommodations and modifications are provided to high school students based on the IEP/504. In addition, dual enrollment is available. Students can earn college credits through this WEST-MEC course.

    After completion of the Veterinary Science program, successful candidates will be prepared to seek one or more certifications like the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) Veterinary Assistant Certification and the OSHA 10. Moreover, West-MEC offers industry credential tests at no additional cost. Through the veterinary assistant training received, students are provided a pathway to economic independence.

    Careers that a student could pursue after receiving their certification(s) are: Veterinary assistant, laboratory animal caretaker

    If you’re an animal lover and want to make a difference in these furry patients’ lives then this course is for you. It can also be a great stepping stone to post-secondary education.