The Physical Therapy program prepares students with the necessary skills and techniques to become a physical therapy technician. Students will receive hands-on instruction in helping patients who are recovering from all types of injuries and illnesses to improve their quality of life. Topics include innovative orthopedic techniques, neurological and pediatric rehabilitation, pain management therapy, rehabilitation equipment staging and treatment area skills, and record treatment.

    Apart from the core curriculum, learners are trained for the job-seeking process through resume building workshops, industry guest speakers and job shadowing. During the program, accommodations and modifications are provided to high school students based on the IEP/504.

    After completion of the one-year program, successful candidates will be prepared to seek one or more certifications like the Certified Physical Therapy Aide (CPTA). Moreover, West-MEC offers industry credential tests at no additional cost. Through the training and certification, students are able to successfully enter into the health services.


    Careers that a student could pursue after receiving their certification(s) are: Physical therapy technician, physical therapy assistant*, athletic trainer*, physical therapist*, may work in private clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, home health care or orthopedic clinics.

    Work environments include out-patient clinics, gyms and hospitals.