The interactive Certificate of Completion (CCL) Esports program is designed for students pursuing careers in hospitality, marketing, business, management, event management, creative writing, computer technology, and/or video game production who are interested in utilizing those skills to gain entry level employment in the field of esports. Students completing this program will acquire specialized knowledge of the field that will enhance the ability to gain entry level employment in the world of esports.

    This Esports program provides credit transfer to specific degrees at a community college or university, in partnership with the Maricopa Colleges. Through the Esports program and certificate of completion, students are provided a pathway to economic independence.


    The purpose of NTHS is to recognize, honor, and promote student achievement and leadership in Career and Technical Education. The pillars of NTHS are: trustworthiness, respect, fairness, caring, and citizenship. 

    Students have the opportunity to participate in NTHS after meeting eligibility criteria such as: high GPA at high school and in their West-MEC CTE program; CTSO/Volunteerism/Leadership, and outstanding professional conduct. Students who are inducted into NTHS wear stoles at the West-MEC Recognition ceremony to signify outstanding accomplishments. 


    Careers that a student could pursue after receiving their program certificate are: Audio and Video Technicians, Producers and Directors, Web and Digital Interface Designers, Web and Software Developers, Computer Programmers.

    Furthermore, with additional training students can enhance their skills and look to become Agents and Business Managers of Artists, Performers, and Athletes, Broadcast Technicians, and Sound Engineering Technicians. There is also the possibility of being self-employed.

    This program is offered in partnership with Paradise Valley Community College.