• Public Records Request

    Western Maricopa Center No. 402 records are open to public review unless otherwise exempted from disclosure by
    District policy, Federal law, and Arizona state laws. Documents protected from disclosure are listed online with
    the Arizona Attorney General's Office

    Transcripts and student records are not public records and should be requested by contacting our Student Services

    What is the Fee for Public Records Requests? ​

    A fee shall be levied on each request to cover the cost of making copies. The fees will be collected prior to releasing

    The fees will be based upon the following:

    • 10¢ per copy for materials indicated as Board minutes, agendas, financial records, contracts, courses of
      study, or statistical summaries. 

    • 35¢ per copy for materials not listed above that require additional clerical and/or professional staff time
      to make available.

    • Actual cost, if available, will be assessed. 

    • If requesting electronic delivery, records may be downloaded to a 16GB thumb drive. Thumb Drives are
      $8; postal fees assessed for mailing these items. In the event that items are returned to sender, an
      additional postal fee is assessed to resend items.

    • Free copies shall be furnished if they are to be used in claims against the United States.

    When will the public record be received by the requestor?

    • Access to or copying of the records request will be provided within a reasonable period of time in
      compliance with Arizona public records law following receipt by the District Records Department. 

    • West-MEC strives to fulfill requests within 20 business days; when possible. Actual processing time may
      widely vary depending on the amount of requests received and the difficulty of accessing the requested

    • To reduce processing time, narrow your request with specific details and timelines for public

    • If access is denied, a written statement of the grounds for denial will be provided.

    Requesting Public Records for Commercial Purpose:

    When a person or entity requests public records for a commercial purpose, the person shall provide a statement setting
    forth the commercial purpose for which the records will be used.  Upon being furnished the statement, the
    Superintendent may provide reproduction of such requested records.  The charge for such records shall include the

    1. A portion of the cost for the District to obtain the original or copies of the documents, printouts or
      photographs requested.

    2. A reasonable fee for the cost of time, materials, equipment and personnel in producing such

    3. The value of the reproduction on the commercial market as best determined by the Superintendent.

    Under ARS 39-121.03, a person who obtains a public record for a commercial purpose without indicating the
    commercial purpose or who obtains a public record for a noncommercial purpose and uses or knowingly allows the
    use of such public record for a commercial purpose shall in addition to other penalties be liable to the state or the
    political subdivision from which the public record was obtained for damages in the amount of three times the amount
    which would have been charged for the public record plus costs and reasonable attorney fees.

    Due to staffing a high volume of public records requests, fulfillment times may be delayed.

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